Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sorry I Said Something

I should keep my comedy to myself. More laughs for me, less scoffs from everybody else. :) Why do people get offensive/defensive when I try to be funny? Can't they just say, "I don't get it" or "Whatever you say, Manda" or even "That's not funny" ? This happens a lot, but let me share you this one incident:

Lookin' at my facebook News Feed and there is a girl with bleached blonde, Utah-Square hair, cropped at her chin with a shock of pink. She's got a long sleeved t-shirt and a loose vest. I think to myself, "She looks like a hair stylist." I realize I'm stereotyping, but lo and behold, she works at a salon. My stereotyping has been justified and reconfirmed. So I turn to my roommate and show her the picture.

Me: "Guess what her job is?"
Her: "I don't know I can't tell from a picture."
Me: "Look at her hair and her vest."
Her: "So??"
Me: "Doesn't she look like one of those cosmetologists?"
Her: "No."
Me: "I think she looks like a cosmetologist. A lot of them look the same."
Her "No they don't."
Me: "I've seen a lot of cosmetologist with vests like that."
Her: "I have a vest like that, so I look like a cosmetologist?"
Me: "Well, she has short hair too."
Her: "My hair is short"
Me: "Yes, but it's not ratted out to here."
Her: "Not all cosmetologists rat their hair."
Me: "Yes. That's true. I realize that. But doesn't SHE look like a cosmetologist."
Me: "They have a look."

Was I out of line? A lot of cosmetologist do has short, dyed/bleached, colorful hair and baggy vests. I know because I've had my hair cut before. OF COURSE there are exceptions. A girl in my Suite is a cosmetologist. She has LONG, bleached, colorful hair and baggy vests. I'm just saying, there is a look and a lot of them have it. Is that wrong?

These kind of scenarios happen to me ALL THE DANG TIME. Is it my delivery? or are my jokes really offensive? Or Is it that people really just don't like me and want me to shut up and not talk to them so they say something mean to get me to stop?


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